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This event has ended.

Double Referral Bonus Campaign! 

From November 10, 2021 (Wed) to December 9, 2021 (Thur) TeraCLOUD users can get double the rewards from our referral program.

Double Referral Bonus Campaign

How it Works

Users can share their referral code with their friends, family, and followers, which can be found in their MyPage. When your referral code is entered by another user, you will both receive free TeraCLOUD storage. All TeraCLOUD members can earn up to 1000GB in referral bonus capacity for FREE! 

Referring User (You)

Referring User (You)

You will receive +4GB of TeraCLOUD storage (valid for 1 year) when another TeraCLOUD member enters your referral code. (Standard reward is +2GB).

Referral Codes can be applied numerous times. Rewarded Capacity stops at 1000GB.

Referred User

Referred User

Referred users will receive +10GB of TeraCLOUD storage (no expiration date) when you enter another TeraCLOUD users referral code. (Standard reward +5GB).

Referred users can only apply one referral code to their account.


How to Refer Other Members

Referring User

Referring 1. Access MyPage.png

1. Log in to your MyPage.

»Click here for more information about MyPage.


Referring 2. Find Referral Code and Share via SNS and Email.png

2. Locate your 5-digit referral code near the bottom of MyPage under the "Referral Bonus" section.


Referred User

Create a TeraCLOUD account

1. Create a TeraCLOUD account.

»Register for an account


Access MyPage

2. Log in to your MyPage.

»Click here for more information about MyPage.


Referred 3. Enter Friends Code.png

3. Located near the bottom of your MyPage under the "Referral Bonus" section, users can locate the referral code input field.


Campaign Overview

Campaign TitleDouble Referral Bonus Campaign
Campaign PeriodNovember 10, 2021 (Wednesday) ~ December 9, 2021 (Thursday)
Eligible UsersAll TeraCLOUD account members are eligible to participate.
Campaign Details
  • Referring User
    • Normally 2GB per referred user → 4GB per referred user
         ※Up to 1TB can be added.
         ※Additional TeraCLOUD storage has a 1-year use period.
  • Referred User
    • Normally 5GB → 10GB
         When you combine the free 10GB of capacity received at the time of registration, you can utilize up to 20GB for free.
         ※Referred users can only apply one referral code to their account.
Additional Remarks
  • Referral codes are case sensitive.
  • Referral codes obtained from the referrer can only be applied once.
  • If fraudulent referrals are suspected or determined, the bonus capacity will be invalidated.
  • If malicious intent is suspected or determined, the users account will be suspended upon review.
  • This campaign may be altered or terminated without any advanced notice.

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