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Self-managed, all-in-one cloud storage that protects your data. Backup your data and documents to InfiniCLOUD for accessible from anywhere at any time without worrying about storage space.

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1. Huge Capacity (Up to 10TB)

With up to 10TB of storage capacity, you won't have to worry about how much data you back up.

Fast Speed

2. Fast Speed (Up to 200Mbps)

Share and collaborate your documents through InfiniCLOUD's widely supported WebDAV based service.

High Performance

3. High Performance

With a wide range of user-friendly apps and a strong focus on security, using the cloud has never been easier.


Compatible with any device
Designed for your needs

Your InfiniCLOUD account can be adjusted based on your needs (up to 10TB). Transfer rates up to 200Mbps and no transfer limit.



InfiniCLOUD provides a secure, always accessible, and reliable cloud storage service by taking advantage of a well-balanced, solid infrastructure designed to withstand the effects of earthquakes and other natural disasters.




Our Plans
Up to 10TB available




79.99 USD/year

7.99 USD/month


119.99 USD/year

11.99 USD/month


399.99 USD/year

39.99 USD/month

Long Term Bonus

The longer you use InfiniCLOUD, the more rewards you'll earn! Get 10GB every 30 days!

InfiniCLOUD's Long-Term Bonus provides extra capacity to paying InfiniCLOUD subscribers. Bonus capacity is added to subscribed capacity based on the number of days since the paid subscription started.

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