Notice of Outage (Feb 10th, 2024,Resolved)

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Notice of Outage

Posted Feb 10th, 2024

Thank you for using InfiniCLOUD.

InfiniCLOUD servers went offline during the time period listed below.This issue has been resolved, and InfiniCLOUD is now functioning normally.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Date and TimeWednesday, Feb 10th, 2024
1:31 AM to 11:18 AM  JST
Scope of OutageCustomers using the file server beginning with "yura."
CauseServer failure.
Affected Services

InfiniCLOUD users are currently experiencing a limited period of time without access to the following services:

  • File Browser access
  • Access by external apps

There has been no data corruption or loss of customer data 


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