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Free accounts and data of users whose accounts have not been accessed for the predetermined period of time (two-years) may be deleted. This protocol aims to maintain the steady operation of InfiniCLOUD's service.

One month before the accounts are deleted, those whose accounts are at risk of deletion will receive an email notification. If your account is about to be deleted because of login inactivity, you can still keep it active by following the information below.

Review the following excerpt in InfiniCLOUD's Terms of Service for more information.

Deletion of accounts(partial excerpt from Terms of Service)
Free accounts may be deleted if two years or more have passed since the last login to the InfiniCLOUD website.

Accounts subject for deletion

Only free accounts are subject to be deleted. The account will be taken into consideration for deletion after two years of inactive use of the InfiniCLOUD website.

Regardless of login activity, premium accounts are not eligible for deactivation.

To prevent your account from being deleted

Users who have received a deletion notification from InfiniCLOUD that indicates their account will be removed within a certain time frame can log in to InfiniCLOUD website to stop the deletion from happening.


Updated October 20, 2022


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