How do I add capacity?

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Adding Capacity

Capacity plans are available in increments of 300GB, 3TB, or 10TB. InfiniCLOUD has a maximum capacity space limit of 10TB.

Payment with PayPal subscription

1. Login and open My Page.

2. Click the Upgrade button.
 You can also click the Upgrade button displayed in the upper right corner of the dashboard of the file browser.

3. If you have a coupon code, apply the Coupon code..

4. Click the button of desired capacity / renewal period.

5. Enter your login information to PayPal and click Login button.

6. Please confirm the contents of payment and click Agree & Subscribe button.

7. Your purchase is complete. Click the Return to Merchant button at the bottom right.
  You will return to InfiniCLOUD's login screen.

It may take up to several minutes to reflect your purchase.

When entering license code

add capacity009

1. Log in to InfiniCLOUD and open My Page.


add capacity009

2. Click the Upgrade button.


add capacity010

3. Click the license code here.


add capacity011

4. Enter your license code.


add capacity012

5. A notice about applying for a license code will appear. Select "OK"on the bottom right.


add capacity013

6. Application of license code is completed, capacity has been added.

It may take up to several minutes to reflect the license code.

Updated October 1, 2021

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