I didn't receive a verification email

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I didn't receive a verification email

If you haven't received an email to activate or verify your InfiniCLOUD account, please check your spam or junk folder. Depending on the number of new accounts and the internet service being used, it may take a few minutes to receive the email.

Verification emails can be sent again by clicking the resend link on the screen during the create account process.

Please be aware that it is no longer possible to register multiple accounts with the same email address in order to enable login by email address for the future.

Common reasons that result in not receiving a verification email

If you continue to experience problems, verify with your email service provider that InfiniCLOUD emails have not been blocked. Verify that your email provider's whitelist and any anti-spam software you use include infini-cloud.net.

InfiniCLOUD Support can not provide information or personally resend verification codes. We can not confirm or provide any assistance if an email address was entered incorrectly. If the email address was entered incorrectly, please make another account using the correct email address.


Updated: September 22, 2023

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