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I didn't receive a verification email

Verification code emails are automatically delivered. However, there could be several reasons why you did not receive a verification email.

Check the email address you entered

Please ensure that you did not enter an incorrect email address. Furthermore, in order to enable future login using an email address, registration with the same email address is not permitted.

Check your spam folder

Emails may be automatically sorted into the spam or junk folder of your email software.Please check these folders for the following InfiniCLOUD received emails.

Check email reception settings

If you have email reception settings, please add the InfiniCLOUD email address shown above as an allowed address.Please contact your email service provider for advice on how to enable email receipt.

Resend verification email

Verification emails can be sent again by clicking the resend link on the screen during the create account process.

If you want to resend the authentication code after applying for email authentication via My Page, simply apply again.

Contact us

If you have tried the above and still are experiencing problems, please contact us using the contact form below.

Contact Us

*InfiniCLOUD Support can not provide information or personally resend verification codes. We can not confirm or provide any assistance if an email address was entered incorrectly. If the email address was entered incorrectly, please make another account using the correct email address.


Updated: May 16, 2024

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