How do I use Dataset Editor?

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How to open the Dataset Editor

Dataset Editor.png

1. Log in to the file browser

Click "Dataset Editor."



2. An alert regarding the operation will appear after the initial browser startup. Click "AGREE."


3. The dataset editor will open

About the screen


Dataset list screen

1Create a data setCreate a data set directly below "/".#"backup" and "files" dataset can be created.
2UpdateUpdates to the latest information.
3?Open the help page.
4×Close the dataset editor.
5Data set nameDisplays the data set name.#Click the data set name to display detailed information of the data set.# You can create "child data set" of any name under "/ backup" and "/ files".
6SizeDisplays the total capacity of the data set, including the capacity of the child data set.
7Reference sizeIf there is a child data set, the capacity excluding the capacity of the child data set is displayed.
8Snapshot sizeDisplays the snapshot capacity of the data set.
9Snapshot CountDisplays the number of snapshots of the data set.
10Creation date / timeDisplays the creation date and time of the data set.

Dataset detail screen

Click the data set name to display the information associated with it.


1Compression ratioDisplays the compression ratio of the data set.
2WebDAV connection URLDisplays the destination URL when accessing the data set from WebDAV compatible apps. Save the URL from [COPY] to the clipboard.
Delete the datasetDeletes the dataset.
# "/" and "files" datasets can not be deleted.
# Snapshots and child data sets can not be deleted if they exist.
4Snapshot listA list of saved snapshots is displayed.
5Create a snapshotCreate a snapshot.
# The maximum number of snapshots is 50 per account.
6Snapshot NameDisplays the name of the snapshot.
7Reference sizeDisplays the data set capacity at the time the snapshot was created.
8SizeCapacity released when size snapshot is deleted.
9Creation date / timeDisplays the creation date and time of the snapshot.
10DeleteDeletes the snapshot.
11Creating a child datasetYou can create a dataset under the currently open dataset.
# The maximum number of data sets is 11 per account.

Dataset Editor How to operate

Create a data set (when creating it under [/ files], [/ backup])

Up to 11 data sets can be created including [/].



1. Select the cell that contains the dataset name you want to create for

Click "Create child data set here".


(To create a dataset at the top level)


In the Data Set Editor's top left corner, click the "Create Dataset" button.

(You can build two datasets at the top of the level: "files" and "backup.")



Delete data set

Please Note
When you delete a dataset, it also deletes all of the data it contains. This action cannot be undone. Please use caution when doing the operation. You also won't be able to remove any child data sets or snapshots. You must first delete the child data sets or snapshots.

delete dateset001

1. Open the full details of the dataset by clicking the data set name cell of the dataset you wish to delete

delete dateset002

2. Click "Delete dataset"

delete dateset003

3.Click "Delete"

delete dateset004

4.The data set has successfully been deleted

If the changes do not appear on your screen, click the "Update" button.


Create a snapshot

create snapshot001

1. To take a snapshot, open the detailed information for the relevant cell in the dataset by clicking on it

create snapshot002

2. Click the "Create Snapshot" button

create snapshot003

3. Enter the snapshot name and click the "Create" button

*Use half-width alphanumeric characters "." "_" "-" for the snapshot name is acceptable.

*The snapshot name can be up to 64 characters.


create snapshot004

4. The snapshot was taken

If the changes do not appear on your screen, click the "Update" button.

Please Note
When the system's remaining capacity is depleted, the snapshot is automatically erased.

Delete snapshot

delete snapshot001

1. To get detailed information about the dataset, click the desired name cell you want to delete in the dataset

delete snapshot002

2. Click the "Delete" button of the snapshot you want to delete

delete snapshot003

3. A confirmation message will display

Click the "Delete" button.


delete snapshot004

4. The snapshot has been successfully deleted

If the changes do not appear on your screen, click the "Update" button.


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