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My file browser isn't working or displaying files. How do I fix it?

If you're experiencing issues with your file browser not working or showing files and folders on your smartphone, please review the solutions and possible causes listed below.

It's possible that we are carrying out a maintenance or that there is an outage; to learn more about these situations, please visit our information and news webpage .

Solutions and causes

Check operating environments

Verify that the operating environment meets its performance requirements.It is recommended that both the operating system and web browser are using the most up-to-date version to avoid any errors.

Click this link for more information about the required operating environment.

Restart your web browser

Close all active sessions in your web browser, then reopen it.

Delete your web browser's cache and Cookie

If you're having trouble seeing the file browser properly, try clearing your cache and cookies. For further help, see your web browser's help page for instructions on how to remove it.

Use a different web browser

Switch to a different web browser from the one you are using now.
(If you are using Google Chrome, try Microsoft Edge or Firefox instead).

Make sure that the current version and settings are the most recent releases if trying a different web browser does not solve the problem.

Connect to a different network

If you're using Wi-Fi, try a cable or a mobile connection.

If the issue persists when you connect to a different network, check your current network settings.

Restrictions may be placed when using an external network that is owned or managed by a business, organization, or member of the public. For confirmation of any restrictions that might have been put in place, speak with your system administrator.

Check your anti-virus software settings

Security software may be the source of problems. Check if there are any restrictions on using the file browser.

Disable web browser add-ons

Add-ons, or extensions, may prevent connectivity. Verify if access to the file browser is restricted.

If the problem continues

If you have try the solutions listed above, please get in contact with us through our inquiry form.

We'll be able to solve this problem more quickly if the initial inquiry contains the following details.

InfiniCLOUD will do its best to respond and provide a solution in a timely manner.


Updated September 26, 2022

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