Can I use WebDAV compatible apps?

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Can I use WebDAV compatible applications?

InfiniCLOUD implements a WebDAV engine (high-speed WebDAV) that has been specifically tuned for InfiniCLOUD usage and purposes. These alterations were carried out in accordance with the nimble and adaptable "Apache mod dav."


About high-speed WebDAV

About WebDAV apps that may not be recommended or may not be available

It may not be possible to utilize WebDAV applications under the conditions listed below.

Mounting as a file system

Devices with quick response times are volumes installed as a file system. Applications that access that volume are therefore created with the notion of having a quick reaction time.

As examples, Windows Explorer, Mac OX X Finder, ad Nautilus on Linux Gnome can all view file information, check directory information before opening the file, make thumbnails, and process the files before the user can access them.

However, the WebDAV service provided by InfiniCLOUD is shared by a large number of users on the internet. As a result, compared to local devices, the response time differs. These local devices have a rate that can be 1,000 times greater. Apps that frequently request detailed data typically acquire data repeatedly in response, which can be excessive and go over the file browser's time limit.

Additionally, even if there is a disturbance brought on by the network or service, we won't try to resume the progress. Even though InfiniCLOUD will continue to improve its speed and performance, the Internet's lag makes it unavoidable and impossible to finish the upload or download.

Because of this, WebDAV applications should be used on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Other compatibility issues

Further descriptions and issues will be added upon discovery.


Updated November 30, 2018

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