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About Promotional Bonuses

InfiniCLOUD regularly offers all members chances to be rewarded with bonus storage.

Specific InfiniCLOUD promotions, partnerships with other applications and businesses, quiz mail, and InfiniCLOUD's referral program are examples on how users can earn free storage.

Eligible Users

All InfiniCLOUD users are eligible for these rewards.

Expiration Period

Unless otherwise mentioned, each bonus will be valid for one year from the date of acquisition (exceptions being our referral program).

Specific campaigns may necessitate InfiniCLOUD sending an activation code and/or an activation link, at which point the valid period of use begins when the user enters the activation code and/or clicks the activation link. All activation codes/links will have an expiration date attach to them. If a user does not apply their code/link to their account prior to the expiration date, InfiniCLOUD will not supply another one.

*This information does apply to premium users' long-term usage increase bonus.


Updated September 13, 2023

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