What is InfiniCLOUD Support?

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What is InfiniCLOUD Support?

InfiniCLOUD Support is a group of specialists tasked with assisting and responding to any questions regarding InfiniCLOUD and its service.

You can get in touch with InfiniCLOUD Support using this form, which is intended for general inquiries.

If you would like to contact InfiniCLOUD for media-related matters, please fill out our media inquiries form.

If there has been intentional abuse or suspicious activity, please fill out our specialized inquiry form so that a specialist with knowledge of the circumstance can be assigned to and address this issue promptly.

How does InfiniCLOUD Support respond to inquiries?

InfiniCLOUD Support handles inquiries by a first come, first serve basis. Despite our best efforts, response times may vary depending on the nature of the request.

Responses to inquiries sent over the weekend or on a holiday will begin receiving responses as soon as InfiniCLOUD Support resumes operations during regular business hours.

In the event of any national holidays, InfiniCLOUD will post a notice our on news page to inform users that InfiniCLOUD Support will be out of the office for that period of time.


November 29, 2022

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