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Using WinSCP with InfiniCLOUD

What is WinSCP

WinSCP is a popular SFTP and FTP application for Windows that supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, and S3 file transfer protocols, as well as WebDAV client software for copying files between a local computer and remote servers.

Download WinSCP here

* To turn on or off connections to InfiniCLOUD from applications, it is required to configure from My Page. More details can be found here.


Connect to InfiniCLOUD

1. Launch WinSCP
Click New Session 


WinSCP Icon Step 1. Launch WinSCP.png
WinSCP Step 2. Set the session- Click New Session.png

2. Enter your WebDAV connection information
WinSCP Step 2.1 Edit WebDav Information.png
File ProtocolWebDAV
EncryptionTLS/SSL Implicit encryption
Host nameEnter your WebDAV Connection URL but only the domain part (ex.
* While Apps Connection is turned on, your WebDAV Connection URL can be confirmed from My Page.
Reference: How do I access and view My Page (account information confirmation page)?
Port number443
User nameEnter your Connection ID.
User IDs and Passwords are case sensitive
PasswordEnter your Apps Password.
* If you forget your password, please reissue using these steps.


It may take several minutes for external programs to accept newly reissued app credentials. If an error notice appears shortly after reissuing your password, please wait a few minutes before attempting to reconnect.

3. Click Advance setting
WinSCP Step 3. Click Advanced.png
WinSCP Step 3.1 Click Directories, confirm information, click ok.png

4. Set the session name and click OK (optional)
To save the password, check the "Save Password" option
WinSCP Step 4. Set the session name, click ok.png

5. Click Login to connect to InfiniCLOUD
WinSCP Step 5. Log in.png

6. InfiniCLOUD is now connected
WinSCP Step 6. InfiniCLOUD is now connected to WinSCP for use.png

Uploading data

WinSCP Step 1. Upload Select File or Folder- Click Upload or drag and drop.png
1. Select the file/folder to be uploaded

WinSCP Step 2. Confirm Upload Settings.png
2. Confirm upload settings

Upload progress will be displayed.


WinSCP Step 3. Upload is complete.png
3. Upload complete

Downloading data

WinSCP Step 1. Select file or folder- click download or drag and drop.png
1. Select the file/folder to download

WinSCP Step 2. Confirm Download Settings.png
2. Confirm download settings

Download progress will be displayed.


WinSCP Step 3. Download is complete.png
3. Download complete
The downloaded file/folder will appear in your local directory.

The screen display may differ depending on the version.

Updated June 2, 2021

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