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About Apps Connection

InfiniCLOUD users can update account permissions and application connection settings in their My Page.

Accounts that have granted permission to connect to external applications in My Page can register an Apps Password that is generated at random for WebDAV connections.

Apps connection will be enabled by default for all accounts created after 16:25 JST on June 2, 2021. Please follow these steps to turn off apps connection.

* Refer here if you forgot your InfiniCLOUD Login Password.


Configure Apps Connection


Setting Up Apps Connection


How do I set up apps connection?
1. Log in to InfiniCLOUD

Access My Page
Reference: How do I access My Page?

Click "Turn on Apps Connection"
2. Click "Turn on Apps Connection"

Make sure the box is check before proceeding.

Click "Turn on"
3. Click "Turn on"

WebDAV connection information
4. Your Apps Password will be generated

Because this password is only displayed once, make a note of it or save it in a safe place for future use.

Passwords can be reissued at anytime.
WebDAV Connection URLThis is the server URL of your File Browser to enter when you connect from applications
Connection IDThis is your ID for the authorization of the connection.
Your InfiniCLOUD User ID.
Apps PasswordThis is your password for the authorization of the connection.
* The password will be displayed below the table when you issue it.
* The display of the password will disappear when the screen is reloaded and it cannot be displayed again. Therefore, please keep it in a safe place.

You can get a new password with the "Reissue" button.
* Multiple passwords cannot be available. The previous password will be invalid after a new request is issued.

Copy the URL and the password
5. Your WebDAV connection URL and Apps Password can be copied with the clipboard icon

Enter the information into apps
6. Once the data has been entered into the WebDAV connection settings in the applications you choose to utilize, you may begin managing your InfiniCLOUD data.

* Image example is using GoodSync 11.

Reissue Apps Password


Click the "Reissue" button
1. Click the "Reissue" button

Click "Reissue"
2. Click "Reissue"

You will be asked to confirm that you want to issue a new password.

A new password appears
3. Your new password will appear below

Because this password is only displayed once, make a note of it or save it in a safe place for future use.

Turn Apps Connection off


Click "Turn on Apps Connection"
1. Uncheck the "Turn on Apps Connection" box

Click "Turn off"
2. Click "Turn off"

You will be asked to confirm that you want to disable the "Apps Connection" function in your account.

Apps Connection  will be turned off
3. All WebDAV connection information will no longer be displayed

The Apps Connection feature will be disabled.


Updated June 2, 2021

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