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Using Air Explorer with InfiniCLOUD

What is Air Explorer?


Air Explorer is a client software for Windows and macOS devices. Its interface design has high usability and you can transfer data on your device to InfiniCLOUD with detailed sync settings.

This document explains how to set up Air Explorer and connect with InfiniCLOUD.

* To turn on or off connections to InfiniCLOUD from applications, it is required to configure from My Page. More details can be found here.


How to use

Connect to InfiniCLOUD

Note: This setup guide is based on version 4.5.2 for Windows devices. It may display differently depending on your application version.
1. Launch Air Explorer
Launch the installed version of the application from its shortcut icon or the application list on your device.



Step 2. Air Explorer Register InfiniCLOUD.png

2. Register your InfiniCLOUD account

Step 2.1 Air Explorer Enter ID and Password.png

User IDs and Passwords are case sensitive.

UserEnter your Connection ID.
PasswordEnter your Apps Password.* If you forget your password, please reissue using these steps.


It may take several minutes for external programs to accept newly issued app credentials. If an error notice appears shortly after reissuing your password, please wait a few minutes before attempting to reconnect.

Step 3. Air Explorer Account Connected.png
3. Your InfiniCLOUD account has been successfully registered


Each connected cloud has different available features depending on the cloud service. The features you can use in connected InfiniCLOUD accounts can be checked on the FAQ page of Air Explorer.

Copy files between local and InfiniCLOUD

Click "This PC"

1. Select the copy source file.

Open your local directory by clicking This PC.

Select the file
Select the file you wish to copy to InfiniCLOUD.
*At this time, you can also select multiple items.


Open your InfiniCLOUD

2. Set the copy destination.

Open your InfiniCLOUD on the other panel.

Select the directory
Navigate to the directory you wish to paste the selected file.


Click the arrow icon

3. Click the arrow icon between the panels.

Select the arrow icon depending on the copy direction. (ex. When you copy the file on the left panel to the directory displayed on the right one, select the rightward arrow icon.)



The progress will be displayed

4. The copy process will begin.

The progress will be displayed on the lower side of the window.



The copy completed

5. The copy completed.

The file will be copied to the specified directory on InfiniCLOUD.




Backup your data

1. Select source



2. Select destination



3. Open the "Synchronization" tab



4. Select a synchronization method

We do not recommend using the bidirectional method because it may cause unintended deletion or overwriting of data.


5. Compare the selected folders

6. Start the synchronization process





7. Synchronization is complete


8. The backup is complete


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