【Notice】Change of company name, service name, and website url

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Change of company name, service name, and website url


We are pleased to let you know that our company name has changed from TeraCloud Co., Ltd. to InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. on April 3rd, 2023.

Our cloud storage service has also been rebranded to InfiniCLOUD.

We will continue to provide solid system infrastructure for enterprise customers and reasonable cloud storage for consumer customers, and strive to improve corporate value.

InfiniCloud will continue to try to fulfill and exceed everyone's expectations in order to become the most well-known and popular cloud service option in Japan.


Date of Change

April 3rd, 2023

※The content of the services provided by the Company and the contract regarding transactions with the Company will not change after the name change.

New Company Name

New Service Name

On the same day, April 3rd, 2023, our cloud storage service will also be rebranded to InfiniCLOUD.

The rebranding is meant to symbolize the limitless potential of our cloud storage service and the endless possibilities on how it can assist our users in their every day life.

New Site URL

Upgraded service standards

service standards have changed in response to new service name change.
Click here for update details.

Unaffected Matters

About the logo


A new logo will be used in conjunction with our company and service name change.

Together with the connotations of the new name, our new service logo symbolizes the practically limitless ways our service can evolve and assist our user base.

Notice of Company Name Change

Corporate Page: Notice of Company Name Change

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