Why doesn't deleting files free up space?

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Why doesn't deleting files free up space?

Space in an account is not instantly released when files are deleted due to InfiniCLOUD's snapshot features.

A rolling collection of regularly taken snapshots of your account's data are captured and stored in your account.

Snapshots containing deleted files still remain in your account even if the original file is deleted. This is so if the file was unintentionally deleted, they can still be restored.


Delete Snapshots

There are two ways to get rid of snapshot files that are taking up space:

1.Wait for the snapshot to be deleted automatically

The space a deleted file occupies in a daily snapshot can remain for up to two weeks after deletion.The most recent snapshot containing the file will automatically be deleted as old snapshots expire, freeing up space.

Snapshots are automatically deleted when there is insufficient space, although snapshots containing the files could be deleted earlier.

2.Delete ZFS snapshots manually

You can delete snapshots in the InfiniCLOUD File Browser's data set editor.

When there isn't enough space left, snapshots will be immediately deleted. Please contact us if you have any difficulties or queries that are not addressed in the page.


Updated November 20, 2020

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