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What payment methods are available?

At this time, Infinicloud subscription payments are only accepted through PayPal. US dollars and Japanese yen are accepted as forms of payment.

Until the subscription is cancelled through PayPal, it will automatically renew every month or year.

For more information about PayPal, or to sign up for an account, please refer to PayPal's website .

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Payment Date

The initial payment will be made on the date of the subscription purchase. The following payment will vary depending on the type of subscription (Monthly or Annual).

The next payment date will be included in the PayPal confirmation email.

Purchase of Multiple Subscriptions

With InfiniCLOUD, users can purchase multiple subscriptions at once. Each subscription's payment is made separately and cannot be combined. Depending on whether a subscription was purchased on a monthly or annual basis, payment dates will vary.

Changing Upgrade Capacity

Subscriptions cannot be changed directly; they must be changed by switching from one PayPal membership to another.

  1. From the InfiniCLOUD upgrade page, select a new subscription plan, and then finish the registration with PayPal.
  2. Once you've verified that payment for the new upgrade has been completed, use PayPal to cancel the prior upgrade subscription.



Updated October 1, 2021

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