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What payment methods are available?

InfiniCLOUD capacity upgrades are paid for through PayPal. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every month or year until the subscription is cancelled through PayPal.

InfiniCLOUD accepts two types of currencies: US Dollars and Japanese Yen. Users must have their Web Browser language set to English to reflect the upgrade capacity cost in USD currency format. If the intended currency format does not appear, double-check your browser's language settings.

Check that the currency you want to pay in is correct before proceeding to the next steps in the upgrade process. InfiniCloud Co., Ltd. is not liable for any mistakes caused as a result of selecting the incorrect currency.

For more information about PayPal, or to sign up for an account, please refer to the PayPal website .

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Payment Date

The timing of payment for capacity upgrades is as follows.

The next payment date will be included in the PayPal confirmation email.

Multiple Capacity Upgrades

InfiniCLOUD allows several capacity upgrades at the same time.
The following information applies when several capacity upgrades are purchased.


Changing Upgrade Capacity

It is not possible to directly modify the capacity or payment period of upgrades.
Capacity upgrades can be changed by exchanging one PayPal membership for another, as seen below.

  1. On InfiniCLOUD's upgrade page, select the new capacity and payment method, and upgrade your account.
  2. Cancel the previous upgrade subscription using PayPal once you have confirmed that the new upgrade is complete.
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Updated October 1, 2021

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